Curled Barbell Bar inSPORTline OLYMPIC Triceps Combo 120 cm OB-47G


Curled Barbell Bar inSPORTline Olympic Triceps Combo 120 cm OB-47G is a high-quality bar made of chromed steel, suitable for exercising your biceps, triceps and muscles in the upper half of your body. The bar is curved so that you can exercise different muscle groups separately. The grips have anti-slip grooving for a firm and steady hold on the barbell. With 120-cm length and 50 mm in diameter, Curled Barbell Bar inSPORTline Olympic Triceps Combo is suitable for weightlifting with Olympic weight plates.

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Technical description:

  • High-quality chromed steel
  • Anti-slip grooved grips for a firm and steady hold
  • Variable grip allows you to exercise different muscle areas separately
  • Suitable for Olympic weight plates (50 mm)
  • Bar length: 120 cm
  • Grip length: 83 cm
  • Bar diameter: 50 mm
  • Length of the loading part: 2 x 17 cm
  • Weight plates and safety collars not included